The curriculum at Kids R’ Our Future Pre-school is based on The Creative Curriculum, used in
 high quality early education settings throughout the country. The Creative Curriculum classroom is a community – a place where learning takes place through positive relationships between and among children and adults. This developmentally appropriate curriculum promotes learning and development in each of the following areas: social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive. Instruction is based on observing and documenting what children do and say. The curriculum also reflects the influences of culture, family, and community.

Based on the research and theories of such educators as Piaget and Vygotsky, this child centered curriculum empowers children to become confident, successful, and lifelong learners.

The curriculum for our infants and toddlers focuses on: relationships; daily routines; and exploration and play in a safe, stimulating environment. Since infants and toddlers learn through play, our program will provide a variety of learning styles, such as musical, tactile, verbal, auditory, social and visual to enhance each child’s progress.

In our preschool programs, the curriculum includes a project approach derived from children’s questions or special interests. The teacher plans a daily schedule that
maximizes children’s acquisition of desired knowledge and skills through the 
effective use of time and materials. The children are offered opportunities to
learn through play and through structured activities, individually and in groups. 
Each child’s social – emotional development is fostered through the 
development of friendships, self-regulation skills, empathy and the ability 
to resolve conflict in positive ways. Early literacy is supported through 
reading, learning letters and sounds, and immersion in a print rich 
environment. Classroom learning centers encourage
 exploration and discovery.