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Thank you for visiting our Chandler Child Care AZ website. We’re also centrally located to Gilbert and Mesa.

Preschool Daycare & Childcare Centers Chandler

We know that searching for a trusted Child Care program is very difficult. However, we are here to help assist you with as much information as you need in hopes to help you finalize your search.

We are a leading Daycare and Child Care provider of infants through preschool in Chandler and Gilbert Arizona. Unlike traditional Preschools and Day cares in Chandler AZ, our Child Care Center works diligently to ensure that we are able to provide the same nurturing and positive atmosphere for your child that you would provide for them at home. We have real passion and heart felt love for working with children. We are here to give our very best to provide a safe daycare and childcare experience to the many families in our Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa Arizona communities.

Our goal is to provide access to affordable quality Preschool and Day care for early education experiences to enhance the child’s development and support their families in work and parenting roles.

Our practices are quite different as we are highly committed to quality service. We make sure that every child, from infants to ten years old, are provided with activities that are engaging and enjoyable. Our Preschool/Daycare Academic Program includes: reading, math, science, art, self-control management, self-esteem enhancement, tumbling, sport, dance, karate and behavioral training courses. It is a great prep to prepare children for kindergarten. Our preschool program is highly structured and provides the perfect ingredients to make your child kindergarten ready!

Our teachers are among some of  the most caring day care providers in the industry. They currently have over 250 state mandated early childcare educational class credits, and are required to maintain 18 hours of early childcare educational classes annually. And are also required to maintain CPR/ FIRST AID, Fingerprint & CPS background investigation checks. We currently have an excellent mature group of Child Care teachers who all are moms themselves, with over 20 years of experience in the Child Care/Day care field. We are very picky and careful when choosing our staff members and are very particular of whom we choose to work in our infant room. Our staff has a watchful eye and is quick to detect illnesses and if there are any concerns we contact the parents immediately to remove the child to be taken to the doctor. Kids R’ Our Future is a well-known award winning chandler preschool, child care facility and rated as a five star daycare center. We provide one of the best daycare and childcare services in Chandler and Gilbert.